Who is David running against?

A RINO who voted to certify Biden as President in 2021.

Jamie Comer Jr. voted against Trump on Jan. 6

Jamie Jr 1

Want to help Trump and REAL Conservatives in 2022 and 2024? Send David Sharp To Congress!

Jamie has been 'in' the Establishment too long to represent KY voters.

He won't take a stand when it really counts. He's too worried about re-election. Masks, vaccines, 2A rights - you don't have a champion in Jamie Jr.

Jamie Jr 2

Want to get term limits legislation passed? David Sharp will bring a term limits bill to the floor within his first year

Comer is a weak Republican.

David Sharp isn't afraid of the liberal media or the Establishment 'rules'. We need REAL representation of Kentucky values in Washington before it's too late.

Jamie Jr 3

We need to strengthen the most Conservative parts of the country with more conservative representatives. Help David defeat the RINOs!

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