David is the most conservative Republican to run for this office in decades.

Pro Life

David believes life begins at conception.
He will fight to stop all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

Pro 2nd Amendment

The Constitution gives us the right to carry and bear arms.
Any attempt to take away that right is an assault on our liberties and our Constitution.

David 2A winner

Secure the Border

We must finish the Wall and Secure the southern border.
It is called Illegal Immigration for a reason.

Drain The Swamp

David 100% supports term limits in Congress and fight to bring a term limit bill to the floor.

Term Limits

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Election Integrity

Everyone must have an ID to vote.
David believes that vote harvesting should not be allowed.
Signatures must be compared and matched on absentee ballots with NO 3rd party requests for absentee ballots.

Balanced Budget

Believes that we should have a balanced budget.
It is the responsibility of our elected officials to pass a balanced budget.
As households, we must live by a budget, so should our government.

Unrivaled Military

As an 8-year army veteran, I understand the needs of the military and believe we must have the strongest, best equipped, and best trained military in the world.

As a disabled veteran that uses the VA Medical System, I understand the short comings and problems the VA Medical System has.

Veterans should be in charge of their own health care.

Police Support

We need MORE police officers, not less.
Look at Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, New York, and Atlanta, in these cities, they are 'defunding' the police - and Crime is at an all-time high.

I blame our elected officials and the media for the hatred and rhetoric about our men and women that protect and serve us.

I believe the federal government should not tell the state’s how their police will operate.

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