Facts on Pearl Harbor Attack, National Remembrance Brings Veterans Together

As a veteran, David Sharp understands more than his opponent, the strengths and sacrifices of our armed service men and women, especially those killed in such a horrific attack on Pearl Harbor.

David Sharp prays everyday for the heroes and families that serve in our military.


Why did they attack?

The Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor was devised by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, a former student at Harvard University. Yamamoto knew that the United States had far greater resources than Japan, and that his country could not win a protracted war. As Steve Twomey details in his 2016 book Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack, Yamamoto believed that Japan’s only chance for success was to stage a surprise assault that would knock the U.S. fleet out of action for a year or more.

Some of the official 2021 ceremonies will be held above a sunken battleship still laying at the bottom of the ocean - pictured below.


Unfortunately, the U.S. missed the signs

U.S. officials overlooked Japanese forces’ preparations for war, and missed warning signs of the impending attack, including an intercepted December 6 Japanese message asking about berthing positions at Pearl Harbor, and a radar sighting of a large group of airplanes headed toward Oahu on the morning of December 7.


Despite Surprise, U.S. Forces Fought Back Hard & Japan’s Attack Failed to Disarm the U.S. Fleet

Despite inflicting heavy casualties, the Japanese attackers failed to achieve their objective of disabling the U.S. fleet. No U.S. aircraft carriers were at Pearl Harbor that day, and the Japanese were unable to destroy vital infrastructure such as repair shops and fuel tanks.

We need more elected officials that understand and appreciate our history and our armed services like David Sharp.

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