Comer Corruption

Caught! Wasting Thousands in KY Tax Dollars on Campaign Mailers

Nervous about his most recent re-election Primary, Jamie Comer Jr. starts liberal spending on expensive campaign mailers.

Kentucky, your tax dollars at work..

Comer Mailer Preview

With our nation's debt and current crisis at the border, Comer's liberal, wasteful spending on his re-election campaign proves he is not the Kentucky Conservative he tells us he is. - David Sharp

If you are a current Congressman, you can use our taxpayer dollars to send out mailers to people in their district.

The establishment, professional politicians voted this in so they can keep their jobs.

Comer Pride

Whether you support him or not, an AVERAGE campaign mailer cost $1.37 per mailer.

That's about $70,000 of your tax dollars each time he sends one out.

We have an extremely bad habit of overspending in Washington - our campaign seeks to reign in liberal spending and balance our budget.

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